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Monday, September 19, 2011

Photography 101

Started our new 4H phtography year, with a session on basic camera skills.  We focused (haha!) on the basic features found on most digital cameras.  I felt like I was talking a mile a minute to get all the information to the participants.  I know I could have spent several sessions on this topic; however, I really want the members to look at their personal camera to discover what it can do to help them get better shots. 

So the basics we covered were:

  • Camera Modes
  • How to hold camera
  • Shutter Lag
  • White Balance
  • Histograms

Then I shared some tips on what to think about when taking pictures:

  • Telling story with pictures
  • Focal Points
  • Competing Focal Points
  • Background/Foreground
  • Closeups
  • Source of Light
  • Framing Straight
  • Perspective
  • Travelling through the Picture

After the class session, I sent them out to explore the CEO grounds.  I encouraged them to use the additional features we discussed on their cameras.  They often came back with great pictures.  I hope they know that they are better photographers than I.

We ended the session with a homework assignment for the next month. 

Photography Assignment #1

Choose one scene or object.
Experiment with your camera and the information given in class. 

Try to take several differnet pictures at different times of the day and different techniques.
Submit favorite picture to my email t obe used in a slideshow at beginning of next session.

I can't wait to see what they choose to submit.

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