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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little More from Yesterday and then Today

So, as sometimes happens with a busy 4H family, we had some overlaps yesterday!

In the midst of our Wildlife meeting, we were also supposed to deliver desserts to local media outlets to show our appreciation--Media Day!  We were disappointed but we had delivered brownies earlier in the day to support the effort.  Sometimes you just have to realize that it is impossible to be in 2 places at once.

Then we carried 4H into the evening with the County 4H Expo. This was an opportunity to promote our projects at the county level. We helped set up the room and then set up a booth for Wildlife and there was also a booth for Entomology. We were able to showcase our project to 100+ children and their parents. 

We were especially excited to have our photography workshops promoted by another club.  I guess that means we did something right on Monday.  I think the big pull was the professional coming to our next meeting and our desire to provide community service projects throughout the year. 

We also had two new children interested in the Wildlife project!  This young man in the photo was a little young to be in 4H but he was very interested in our booth and the project.  I told him to take the next two years to explore the outdoors on his own and study the wildlife in the area, then he would be well prepared to join the project!  He really had spunk and I could see that 4H sparkle in his eyes!

 So here the boys have ventured off to one of our old projects.  Forestry is a great project but it conflicted too much with Wildlife to continue.  We still love to look at the trees and learn.  It is often hard to narrow down your choices in 4H....there is just so much to do!  Sometimes you have to make hard choices and give up a project for the good of another.

I just could not resist adding this picture in the blog!  Brendan is ready to promote 4H.  He is talking to someone about the importance of bees at the Entomology booth!  This will be a great way to show that he had the 4H spirit from the start.  He is already ready to 'make the best better.'  But for now he can continue to be our little tag-along 4Her.  Imagine what he will be like after 8 years of pre-4H fun and out 4H world!

Today we woke up early and began preparations for our 4H booth at a local festival.  We will be promoting 4H and our club.  We will also be selling raffle tickets for our fall fundraiser.  We will be set up throughout the rest of the week and into the weekend.  I am sure I will blog more about these experiences throughout the week.

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