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Monday, December 15, 2014

Caroling with the 4-Hers

A big thank you to Ben for setting up a visit to the nursing home to sing carols!  We enjoyed a nice visit with the residents of the nursing home.  The group sang for almost an hour...traditional carols and more "peppy" tunes as well.  We also had a great violinist (Ben) to accompany the singing.  Then two guitarists (adults, one from Spain) joined in.

Another member of our group brought his puppy to share with the residents.  I think the puppy spent most of his time with one or two people as he was so cuddly.

The best part of the afternoon...when a man decided to have a solo as he sang a verse of Jingle Bells no one had ever heard.  I tried to find the verse when we got home but even after a thorough search of the internet we had no luck.  Maybe it was a verse he made up on his own!  It ended with..."and if my horse could talk he would probably say to not hitch him up to the one horse open sleigh!"  If you know this verse please let me know!

After singing we walked around to great the residents.  We spoke to a woman who moved here from Minnesota after her husband died in February.  Her daughter lives in San Antonio so she wanted to be closer to her.  She was so happy to have us come visit as she needed a reason to celebrate as she was sad during this first holiday season without her husband.

We just love having events at the nursing homes!  A great way "to make the best better" is spending the day with those full of wisdom and experience.


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