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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Robotics Challenge

Michael had the teams challenge each other to a Robotics Duel tonight!  I was really surprised because the teams really have not had a lot of time learning how to program.  I thought the idea of the teams making up a challenge for each other would make it too difficult for them to complete the challenges.  Besides...what if they did not finish and 'the moms' were left to figure out how to help the teams (Tonight was Michael's last chance to help before leaving for Afghanistan!).

However, the teams set to work quickly and got a good start to meeting their challenges.

Team 1 was challenged to do the following task:
Pick up a ball.
Spin around 3 times.
Move forward three feet.
Drop the ball.

Team 2 was asked:
Move forward 5 feet.
Kick a ball.
Spin around five times.

So...the robots were made...very creative designs...and the programming began.  The teams have a little more to complete for next week but they are off to a great start.

I think this is why Robotics is so fun!  The different ways the 4Hers set out to solve a problem is great for problem solving skills development.  Regardless of what they might do in the future, these skills will always be helpful. an is fun to see their minds working out the problems!

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