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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Our Lego NXT sets arrived and today we were finally able to open them up!  We had a quick introduction to the NXT kit and software, and then divided into two groups.  

Each group had an NXT set and began building their initial robots.  We used the plans included in the manuals that came with the kits.  This is a good introduction because it uses the standard LEGO assembly instructions, as well as introducing each of the sensors and basic programming on the NXT itself.  

The children had a lot of fun putting them all together, but really got excited as they tested the movement system, the sound sensor and the ultrasonic sensor.  

Next week we will finish the basic robot and introduction to the sensors, and start programming on the computer.  the children are really looking forward to creating challenges for the robots to overcome.

We will also be changing the meeting time to 5PM to get an earlier start.

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