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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wildlife Surprise and Robotic Arms

We arrived at the museum early to set up the game we had planned.  I had designed a Wildlife Trivial Pursuit game to review the different parts of the contest.

The other 4Hers arrived and they were wound up with excess energy!  I did another review of the grasses as they came into the classroom.  Then we split up into teams with the challenge to gain all the color pie pieces just as the original game is played. We could hardly get them to stay quiet to read questions throughout the hour.   The group did a great job answering the questions but we ran out of time before we could finish the game!  An hour is just not long enough to play that game, but the museum was closing!

We went outside for the remaining time.  I was able to review the new format of the contest (mainly additional questions added to each section due to the elimination of the compass).  Then came the surprise...

It was Taylor's birthday and his parents asked us to celebrate with him!  We sang happy birthday and enjoyed cupcakes.  It was a nice impromptu celebration.  We were glad to share the special time with him.

We proceeded to Robotics where the groups continued to create their robotic arm challenge.  Last meeting, the groups designed their arms to include movement on at least two planes.  Tonight they actually took these designs and created their apparatus.  I cannot stop being amazed at how many different designs can be created for a task using the same supplies.  Tonight we had 5 different ideas come to life before our eyes.

I was also impressed by the development of the designs as the groups built their arms.  We have a very creative group of problem solvers!  Each group shared their design's ability to move and pick up batteries.  Next week the groups will be able to continue improving their designs given new supplies.  I look forward to watching the continued progress as they try to "make the best better!"

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