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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shooting Sports

New project alert!!!!!

Today we began our new adventure in 4H...shooting sports.  Henry has been begging me for the last four years to join this project..I was just not ready for the commitment needed.  However, after being persistent for so long, I decided to let him have a chance.  This also gave Sean and Edward the opportunity to try as well.  After all, we all have to be there anyway...there is no reason to just sit around.

So, today was just an introduction to the project.  We filled out paperwork and listened to the rules of the range.  This included each of the boys signing a paper stating that they understood the rules of the range.  There are three instructors for this project...Robert, Travis and David.  These men really seem to care about the safety and enjoyment that is needed to make this project helpful for their gun ability for recreation and competition.  I can see that the main concern is going to be keeping these 4Hers safe at all times.

The rules are safe and all will be good!  That means keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, being aware of the surroundings, and listening to the instructors at all times.  It seems simple enough to me...I hope the boys can handle it.  Of course, it is already known that if they cannot, they will be out of the program.  There were about twenty 4Hers who all want to learn so getting cut from the program is definitely an option.

Mr. Robert did not waste any time showing the group that consistency is the key to performing well.  He demonstrated handing off the rifle for use.  EVERY TIME he gave a gun to one of the 4Hers, he would ask, "Got it?" and the 4Her was to respond, "Got it!"  This was a very important process that must be followed in order to take a gun into your hands.  Once the 4Her responded, the rifle in their possession was their responsibility.

It was a great introduction.  Next week we will meet to fit the boys for the right size rifle and determine when their time slots for the weekly practice.  I know this will be god for them.  I will just need to find a way to keep the younger ones entertained while we are at the range.

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