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Monday, September 17, 2012

Promoting 4H

Today we promoted 4H by sending thank you goodie baskets to the various media outlets around town.  We also had a county wide expo night to show off all the projects offered.

We brought some brownie bites to add to the many treats from the 4H around the county.  We had all of the radio stations, newspapers, and other media outlets to provide these tasty treats.  Our family took several dozen cookies to the local newspaper.  It was a good opportunity to thank the newspaper for providing many news articles throughout the year.  The boys were shy (that was a surprise!) as they entered the large building.  They found a news reporter to deliver and she was very thankful.

As we were walking out, I thought about our next photography class.  I quickly turned around and asked if she knew any journalists who would be willing to talk to the youth about photojournalists.  She took our information and the days we meet for classes.  Hopefully, we will hear from someone before our next meeting.

We made it back to the extension office in time to have a quick dinner and set up for the Project Expo Night.  We had two booths, Wildlife and Robotics.  Our club also had Entomology, Food Challenge, and Rabbits booths.  I hope I remembered everyone, we really spent all of our time at our booth as 150 visitors made it through the building in about an hour.  We had a lot of interest at the robotics booth.

I did have time to go talk to the leader for the Shooting Sports project.  I think I finally have an understanding of how the selection (for this limited project) works.  Henry is hoping he can break through and get involved with this project this year.

We stayed and cleaned up a little before heading home.  A great day for our county 4H as we strive to 'make the best better.'

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