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Friday, September 14, 2012

More Hushpuppies and Our First Donation

We had the great joy of receiving the phone call yesterday morning from the local VFW.  They decided to donate $200 to help us fund our Robotics project!  The boys were so excited, especially when they were told to come right away to have a picture taken with the VFW Commander.  This will hopefully be one of many local organizations who will help us with the project.  We will use this money to purchase the NXT Robotics kit.  We will need at least four of these kits with the group of 4Hers that we have now.  If all works out, we will be able to start this in January.

Today we gathered our small team to make hushpuppies again.  This time the team divided the job of making the hushpuppies into individual tasks.  Each one has to complete their portion of the recipe to make the "winning" hushpuppy.  They all did a great job!  In fact, they were so efficient that they made almost FIVE DOZEN!

With only eight of us to eat the results, we were getting quite full.  Thankfully, we had some CEO agents willing to help us out!  We found our new judges!  We were given rave reviews and they never refused a hushpuppy we made.  Really hoping that means we do well next weekend.

We will probably meet one more time to check out costumes and make sure we have all our supplies.  I think we are ready for some fun and our patriotic theme just adds to the excitement.  Michael is already gearing up to give his famous speech.  They are hoping it is an acceptance speech for the top award, so we can make our club proud!

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