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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fun with Insect Collecting

It has been a slow year for us with 4H...we spent a year in California exploring.  We used a lot of the skills we have learned over the years to make it interesting but did not get involved in a 4H group for this short time.  I guess one of our biggest regrets will be that we never thought to at least visit a group while on the West Coast.

However, once we got back to Texas, we jump right back into our projects.

Today we met with Ms. Molly to explore her property for insects.  She had convinced us that Sean needed to turn in a collection for contest.  This only gave us less than a month to collect 60 insects!  This day set aside for collecting was good start!

A short lesson on collecting and pinning

Checking the pool!

Then around her house:

Then they explored a pond!

 They got a little distracted by the discovery of the stages of frog life:

 But quickly got back to the task at hand!

Would flowers be a distraction too?

Only if you do not look closely!

 I would say they left no stone (OR DOG!) unturned!

Thanks, Ms. Molly!

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