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Friday, October 3, 2014

Buddy Pictures

About four weeks ago, the new 4H year was beginning and I had not found out details about our new club...Kids Are Teaching.   So, I began making phone calls.  Unfortunately, I called a day late in order to attend the first meeting of the year!  However, I did talk to the club manager, and made sure I knew the date for the next one.

In the process, I also found out about a community service project for the photography group.  They would be taking photos at the local Buddy Walk (an awareness walk for Down Syndrome).  This would take place before the next meeting and we were encouraged to participate as photographers and walkers.

So, last Saturday Henry and I woke up at 5am and headed out to take pictures of the set up and as participants arrived at the site.  Michael and the other children arrived a couple of hours later to join the walk in honor of two of our good friends with Down Syndrome...Andrew and baby Ruth!

We had so much fun taking pictures...I do not think we could have had better weather for photo taking...a slight over cast...but it did not rain until we were leaving.  Henry and I enjoyed taking pictures of all the happy smiling people!  They made me smile all day with their enthusiasm for life!

Michael and the other children enjoyed the games and other entertainment throughout the morning as well.  They even walked with the celebrity supporter of the day...Bruce Bowen.  I do not think they spoke to him but we have photos with them together!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve the community again...we really have missed this over the last year.

Here are a few photos of our favorite participants...I wish we could show them all but we took over 2000 pictures and there were 4000 participants!...

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