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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tacos and Fajitas

Tonight we had our awards dinner for our club.  We enjoyed walking into the building where we meet to find a construction site.  We would later find out that this was inspired by the activity for evening.

Renee asked everyone to build something with the assistance of all the 4Hers.  She did not give further instructions.  So the adults watched to see what would come of this activity. I was thoroughly amused when Edward decided they were making a battleship raft fully equipped with machine guns and cannons!

After the 4Hers had completed their "battleship," Renee explained that the group had done a great job with team work and cooperation in their building.  However, it was noted that without guidance it was hard to know what the group was supposed to be making.  Renee then pointed out that our projects are like that in 4H.  Without a leader the 4Hers do not have direction and are not as likely to succeed.  She then showed the group what they were supposed to make with a little model of a cabin.

The group was asked to disassemble their "battleship" and create the cabin.  Once again the group worked well together and it was a nice looking cabin!

We then had a great meal of tacos thanks to the cooperation of all the families.

As I walked past the cabin, I noticed Jessica was sitting in the cabin alone.  I asked her if she liked the cabin and she told me yes...she was enjoying sitting in her bomb shelter!  I got such a laugh out of this sweet little girl saying such a thing after the boys made such a big deal about their battleship!  Such great imaginations our children possess!

We finished the evening presenting awards to all the 4Hers who completed projects for the year.  Henry created a slide show of all the projects the club was involved.  Then a small gift was given to our Senior graduates...Joel, Katy, and Matt.  It was nice evening.

The following Tuesday we had our county leadership banquet, which we helped to decorate the room.  Brenda, Jamie, Robin, Daniel, Brianna, Sean and I transformed the building into a 1940's USO party.  We had bunting on the walls and tables and old war posters as well.  We even had a little band stand playing old band music.  The center pieces were created with mason jars filled with red-white-blue water marbles along with a flag and patriotic fans.

It was nice to see all the adult volunteers honored at the banquet.  We were fed a nice fajita dinner served by the county extension agents.  The 4Her scholarship awards were also announced.

Both evenings were a nice change of pace from the rush of the year!  A big thank you to all who helped to make it nice!

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