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Monday, January 21, 2013

Off to a Rocky Start...

...but trying to persevere.

I have not blogged in a few weeks.  We enjoyed our holiday break and then got very sick with an awful stomach virus to kick off our New Year.  We missed the first club meeting of the year and had to cancel most of our 4H activities while the virus made its way through our family.  Then the weather was bad last week on top of everything else!  It would be easy to throw in the towel but that is not the 4H way of doing things..."To make the best better" is only part of the 4H motto and pledge...we cannot forget that we also have the four H's...head, heart, HEALTH, and hands!  So we took a rest and stayed hydrated, and started eating healthy foods that helped us get well.

I was especially disappointed about missing our Photography meeitng this month.  I had it set up for Ms. Heather (another 4H mom) to teach the group about photo design.  She showed our small group about composing pictures on Photo Shop and editing photos to create design pages.  She did a wonderful job from the talk of the others who attended.  She was so kind in offering to meet with our boys at a later date when we were all well.  The boys and I look forward to learning from her expertise!

We did have a Food Challenge Meeting last Thursday.  We enjoyed making Orange French Toast after seeing the ingredients and hearing the clue:  "The French use this recipe to moisten day old bread."  Although we enjoyed the fun, we decided there just was not enough time to get together a team for competition in three weeks.  We will try again next year and hope for the best for our other 4H teams.

We have also been going out to the shooting range each weekend.  We are thankful to have Mr. Robert available, but are especially glad to have Michael home to teach the boys what he knows from his military training.  The boys are looking forward to trying out for the shooting team at the end of the month.

WHEP and Robotics have had the most neglect over the last few weeks.  We hope to get started with WHEP tomorrow and Robotics in a couple of weeks.

So, just a small update...I will post again as activities and our health improve.  Hoping that is soon!

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