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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fashion meets Photography!

We had the joy of gathering many of the 4Hers involved in Clothing & Textiles and Photogrphy projects at a local nursing home.

The Clothing & Textile group (Brianna, Laura and ?) set up a nice backdrop with shimmery material and gift-wrapped boxes in a corner of the center.  It was a nice corner that already looked homey with bookshelves and comfortable seating.  There was nice lighting also so it helped the photographers avoid their flash.

Then they helped assure the residents looked their best for the photo.  Sometimes this included removing baseball caps and adding a dress shirt (cut down the sides so it could be slipped over the head) and a suit jacket.  For the women, a nice scarf to add color to an outfit.  Often times the residents had heard we were coming and got dressed up on their own.  (It was nice to know that they remembered us!)

Then our photographers (Aaron, Emily, Sean, Edward, James, Katie, Laura, Henry, and ?) came in for the photographing.  They did such a great job.  It was really great to see them interact with the residents to get them to smile.

We were able to take portrait shots of about 30 residents.  We had the always happy Eddie who could not wait to talk to the 4Hers.  We had Miss Sadie who was 103 years old!  We had two older couples who were still in love after all those years...holding hands and giving a kiss on the cheek....such precious moments.  Then the ones who had no idea what we were doing but smiled at the camera nonetheless.  And my favorite...the mom who invited her children to be in her picture with her!

These are moments to capture that I hope the 4Hers will not forget.  I know I will not soon forget myself.

My only regret...not enough batteries to stay and take even more pictures!  Note to self...charge batteries and bring extras!!!!  We managed to scrounge around and get everyone photographed but it sure would ease the stress if I had done this simple task!

We get together tomorrow to look over all the pictures and make them look nice...then return to give out the photos after Thanksgiving.  So thankful for this group of youth who shared their talents  to "make the best better!"

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