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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Service Opportunities Continue

I learned long ago that there is never a bad time to give to others.  Some might say that 4H is over for the year and we can take a break from all our activities.  However, I see no reason not to continue giving back to our community.  So, yesterday we helped out at the VA Clinic once again.

We had a small group that made sandwiches (tuna, turkey, and ham) and served them to the veterans.  It was nice to have a new family join us for the experience. Robin, Zach and Taylor had donated food to the project in the past but had not served.  That gave us three extra hands in prep work and in the cafe area.  Sean and Henry were thankful for the conversation in between serving as well.

We served over 50 veterans as we stayed at the clinic for three hours.  Everyone had other places to go so I stayed an additional two hours talking to a veteran who seemed to need the conversation.  It was a good experience all around.  I even learned some information about water processing!  You never know what will happen at the VA Clinic with the veterans.

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