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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For

Well...maybe not...but I thought you would like to know our trip has led us to the Hawaiian island of Oahu.  We have been planning this trip for a couple of years.  Once the plans began to form this summer, we realized we were going to be here for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  There are many veterans here roaming the streets with us.  We feel quite privileged to be a part of this amazing time in history. 
We arrived yesterday and headed straight to the beach.  The boys could have spent hours there.  We also walked through an International Market place full of an assortment of items to buy.  We have little gifts for our favorite 4H members.  Then we went to a hula dancing demonstration.  A great way to spend our first day on the island.

Today, we woke up early so we could catch a bus to a famous scenic lookout.  It was a hike up to the top of Diamondhead Crater.  We started at 200 feet and ended close to 800 feet.  We were exhausted by the time we got to the top but were able to take some great pictures!    This was once a strategic lookout for the military because you can see for miles in all directions.  The pictures we took do not begin to show the beauty of the area. 

Then we were off to the Waikiki Aquarium.  We had to maneuver the bus system and take quite a walk to get there but the animals we saw in the aquarium were worth the trip as well.  The ocean has such a vast array of animals and such colors!  We were amazed by all that was explained in this little aquarium display. 

And, I must tell you that on our journey around the island we will be enjoying great foods influenced from around the world and given a Hawaiian twist. Before we came to Hawaii, I found a great website that showed where the locals eat.  No fast food or chain restaurants for us!  Yesterday, we ate at a Chinese restaurant called "Fatty's Chinese Kitchen." The food was so good!  Today, we walked to a surfer spot (Southside Surf) that served wonderful fish and coleslaw like nothing we have ever had before.  I would love to have this recipe!  We have also found a nice bakery with yummy treats and sandwiches made fresh every day right beside our hotel!  The boys are getting a good education in foods for our food project. 

Tomorrow we hope to take more pictures as we drive around the outskirts of the island and go inward to the Dole Pineapple Plantation.  We will continue to take lots of pictures hoping to find that great shot!  Lots of possibilities along the way.

I had to post this last picture.  Henry took this because the jelly fish reminded us of our 4H friends.  If only the lighting were green!

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